Emergency Management

The Town of Chincoteague has a robust all hazards emergency management program. Emergency Management staff monitors daily weather and intelligence briefings to protect citizens and visitors from natural and man-made disasters. The Public Safety Committee meets bi-monthly to discuss safety issues of the island, including those pertaining to emergency management . During an emergency, the Town operates within the guidelines of the Emergency Operations Plan that is reviewed and updated regularly and is re-adopted by the Town Council every 4 years, as is required by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose of this plan is to establish the legal and organizational basis for operations in the Town of Chincoteague in response to any type of disaster or large-scale emergency situation.

The Town of Chincoteague’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located in the Municipal Building at 6150 Community Drive. The EOC is staffed with emergency personnel during disasters to mitigate the dangers to life safety, public property, and private property.

In the EOC during Hurricane Isabel, Mayor Tarr discusses operations with National Guard personnel.

 During a disaster, the EOC can be reached by calling the police department’s primary telephone line at (757) 336-3155 or (757) 336-0911.


The police department’s primary telephone line is (757) 336-3155. .