Sidewalk Policy

The cost of installing sidewalks and drive aprons shall be shared equally by both the Town and the owner (or agent) according to the following provisions:

1.Width. The width of the sidewalk and the drive apron shall be five feet (5′).

2. Length. The standard length of the drive apron shall be fifteen feet (15′); if the owner desires a longer drive apron, then the difference in the total length and fifteen feet (15′) shall be born entirely by the owner.

3. Right-of-way. The width of the road shall be maintained at a minimum of thirty feet. (30′).
a. If the road right-of way is a minimum of forty feet (40′), the sidewalk and drive apron may be placed abutting the owner’s property line.
b. If the road right-of-way is less than forty feet (40′), an easement of five feet (5′) of the owner’s property along the property line must be  deeded to the Town upon which to install the sidewalk and drive apron.

4. Other. Any manmade or natural structures within the area where the sidewalk and/or drive apron is to be located, shall be removed entirely at the owner’s expense.