Mosquito Control

The primary goal of the Chincoteague Mosquito Control is the suppression of mosquito populations to the point where they do not transmit diseases or provide significant annoyances. Suppression is performed without causing unwarranted impact to the environment in which control operations are taking place.
The mosquito control program in Chincoteague incorporates Integrated Pest management (IPM) strategies in the suppression of mosquito populations. Several control options used are:

1. Source reduction and water management, which includes modification of breeding areas, ditching, and also draining swampy mosquito breeding areas.

2. Biological control uses naturally occurring predators of mosquitoes. Bats and purple martins are both sources of biological control. Purple Martins, like all swallows, are aerial insectivores. Martins are not, however, prodigious consumers of mosquitoes as is often claimed by companies that manufacture martin housing. Martins are daytime feeders, and feed high in the sky; mosquitoes, on the other hand, stay low in damp places during daylight hours, or only come out at night. Bats are primary predators of vast numbers of insects that fly at night, and some species consume consume large numbers of mosquitoes. Individuals of some bat species can capture from 500 – 1,000 mosquitoes in a single hour. Large colonies can consume enormous quantities. Putting up bat houses may help in places where bats can be attracted. If you would like to get plans and instructions on how to build your own bat house just click on Bat house Plans or contact Chincoteague Mosquito Control.

3. Chemical Control is an important part of most programs. This involves the applications of commercially available insecticides to eliminate adult mosquitoes, pupae, and larvae.
Chincoteague Mosquito Control has selected only EPA approved chemicals to be used in the program. All of these chemicals have been studied and proven to be safe for humans, wildlife, and the general environment when used according to the label. These chemicals are applied by state certified applicators by larviciding, truck mounted fogging, and aerial spraying.

For questions regarding Mosquito Control please call: 757-336-6150