Business – Business licenses must be obtained prior to commencing any type of business within the Town. Business license fees are based on gross receipts. There is a minimum charge of $50.00 and a maximum charge of $500.00. The current rate on gross receipts for most business types is $0.13 per $100. The Town mails renewal notices in January of each year. Renewal application reporting gross receipts are due by March 1 and the license must by purchased by April 30. New business license applications must be reviewed by Building and Zoning. The fee for a new business license is $50.00. Each location of a business requires a separate license. For more information, contact the Town Office.

Vehicle – State motor vehicle licenses, titles, and tags may be obtained form the Department of Motor Vehicles located in Onancock or Parksley. You can also register to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Marriage – Marriage licenses may be obtained from the Accomack County Clerk of the Circuit Court in Accomac, Virginia. Contact the Clerk’s Office for more information. The phone number is 757-787-5776 or 757-824-4318. There are no Justices of the Peace on Chincoteague.

Dog – Dogs within the Town of Chincoteague are required to be vaccinated and licensed. Dog license may be obtained from the Accomack County Treasurer’s Office. A rabies certificate is required.

Accomack County issues dog licenses and controls the running of dogs at large. Contact Accomack County Animal Control for more information at 757-824-5666.