News & Announcements

Chincoteague to Assateague Beach Access Committee

A second comment letter has been submitted from the Town to the FWS to support a fifth alternative: The 1-2-3 Common Sense Plan (pdf) for Storm Damage Reduction at Toms Cove.

Beach Access News 2011 (pdf) has been prepared to summarize the Town comments on both NPS and FWS newsletter planning alternatives. The preliminary alternatives for Assateague Island National Seashore and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge long range master plans are described in the NPS newsletter, click here (pdf) and the FWS newsletter, click here (pdf).


Town of Chincoteague Comprehensive Plan 2020

The Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Chincoteague was approved by the Town Council and is now available to view click here: approved (pdf).

Emergency Call-out System:
The Town of Chincoteague has implemented an emergency notification calling system. The system enables the Town to call residents to inform them about emergency or important information such as utility outages, weather advisories, or possible evacuations. The Town currently has residents and businesses telephone numbers from the Verizon database. This database contains home numbers, business numbers, unlisted numbers, and unpublished numbers, it does not include cellular phone numbers. If you would like your cellular number added to the Town’s database, click here and complete the form. The Town of Chincoteague will not release your information to any party or individual and will only call your number(s) with official announcements.

Town of Chincoteague Email Broadcast System

The Town has developed an email notification service that will provide information relating to major events impacting the Town. Topics will include, but are not limited to, updates during weather or other emergencies.

To sign up for this free service please click here and enter your email address.