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Town of Chincoteague VA

Welcome to the Town of Chincoteague's official website. A complete guide to our beautiful land by the sea for residents and visitors alike.

Located in the far northeastern portion of Virginia's Eastern Shore lies a quaint paradise island so beautiful that it draws over one million visitors annually and has become the home of over 4,300 residents. The Town of Chincoteague is dedicated to providing its citizens and visitors with an island rich in beauty, values, and traditions. Please browse our site for a closer look - or better yet, come visit our island!

 News and Announcements



The Town is receiving numerous questions regarding the new flight pattern being used for aerial mosquito control. The different pattern is a result of the installation of a new sprayer system manufactured by the Micron Group:

These Micronair Atomizers generate a very small droplet which acts much like a fumigant providing more effective mosquito control than the larger droplets produced by conventional flat fan sprayers. These small droplets drift much further than the larger droplets, which is why the plane may not fly directly over your home. The flight pattern used is oriented 90 degrees to the current wind direction which is why it varies between flights. The new system uses a computerized application monitor which provides the pilot with real time application rate calculated from swath width, ground speed and flow rate, liquid flow in gallons/min, volume applied in gallons and the total area covered. The Application Monitor is integrated with a GPS track guidance systems to accurately guide application details.

The high mosquito counts we are currently experiencing are a direct result of the recent above average precipitation, not ineffectiveness of the new equipment. Mosquito counts across the Island two hours after the July 8th flight were virtually zero. Unfortunately the high counts returned fairly shortly due to the ongoing hatch. Most people do not know this but some mosquito species have eggs that can lie dormant for many years until they are finally covered with water and then hatch. The recent flooding rains we have experienced are causing a large number of eggs to hatch in areas that have not seen water for years. Please remember aerial spraying is only effective against active adult mosquitoes. It has no impact on larvae and a limited impact on the Anopholes mosquito which is only active after dark.

The total cost of the six budget flights is approximately $66,000 or $11,000 per flight.

The Virginia Department of Health is a great source of information on how you can reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property by taking some fairly simple steps:


Zika Virus Information:

The Virginia Department of Health has issued information and facts regarding the Zika Virus.  

Go to:  to view this important information.


2015 CCR: The Town of Chincoteague Water System performed routine monitoring of contaminants in your drinking water during the 2015 calendar year.  Test results indicate all these contaminants were below allowable levels and no violations were reported.  You are strongly urged to visit:  to view your 2015 Annual Water Quality Report and learn more about Chincoteague’s drinking water.  This Water Quality Report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water.  To speak with someone about the report or request a printed copy be mailed to your home please call (757) 336-3366.




Annual Flood Protection Information now online:  Select 'Flood Maps' in the banner at the top of the page or click here.

See 'Flood Maps' tab above for public notice about new Floodplain Maps and Study that went into effective May 18, 2015.  Town Council adopted the amendments to the Town Zoning Ordinance, including the definition of building height, at their regular meeting held on May 4, 2015.
Are you concerned about Pine Bark Beetles? Click here to learn more.


The drone aircraft training is being conducted and required to follow the Wallops Flight Facility Accident Potential Zones (what they call the race track).  The overflights by training over the Island should be reported to Command.  Please contact the Fleet Carrier Landing Practice (FLCP) at (855) 628-9247; the Navy’s Mid-Atlantic Air Operations with this information.



The Town of Chincoteague has implemented DMV STOPS for delinquent taxes.  Delinquent taxpayers


will NOT be able to renew licenses through DMV until their Town taxes are paid in full PLUS a $20 DMV


charge and a $25 Town collection charge.  (Effective 03/19/14)


Click here for information regarding the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


Emergency Call-Out System:

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Town of Chincoteague Email Broadcast System -  Enter your email address here.
 Emergency Supply Kit:  Click here

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