The goal of the Adopt-A-Road Program is to encourage Chincoteague residents or organizations to conduct roadside cleanup of refuse and debris so that it doesn’t damage or clog storm drains or ditches.  Sponsors may adopt up to 2 roads during a sponsorship.  This Program is open to individuals, nonprofit organizations, or civic organizations, businesses, and government entities.

The Adopt-A-Road Program Sponsorship is for 3 years.  You will be contacted prior to the end of the 3-year term to either renew or resign.  A sign will be erected on your sponsored road during your sponsorship period and is intended to recognize the sponsor or group.  Your responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Collect refuse along the street of your sponsorship 3 to 4 times a year.
  2. Collection is done during daylight hours.
  3. Contact the Town Office for bags and/or safety vests.
  4. Contact the Town for collection of the bags.
  5. Contact the Town to report damage such as potholes, foliage overgrowth, animal carcasses, sidewalk damage, fallen or missing signs, or you need assistance.
  6. Please do NOT attempt to touch or try to remove materials that you suspect may be toxic or hazardous.


All participants hereby release the Town of Chincoteague, Inc. and its agents and employees from any liability for damages or injuries resulting from their participation in the Program.  The individual, organization, business or entity that adopts-a-road agrees to indemnify and hold the Town of Chincoteague, Inc. harmless for any injuries, damages or claims arising from participation in the Program.


The individual, organization, business or entity that joins the Program agrees to notify all his or her team participants of the following terms:

For safety, designate a Team Coordinator for your group.  Coordinators must be at least 21 years of age.  Individuals younger than 16 years of age require adult supervision.  Carpooling is encouraged to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum and be sure to park completely off the roadway.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs before or during your cleaning session and make sure to watch out for ticks, bees, and snakes.

Clean-up activities should be performed off the roadway, during daylight hours and in good weather conditions.  Avoid peak traffic times.  Avoid overexertion and drink plenty of water.  Members should face oncoming traffic and stay clear of the roadway at all times.  Maintain a complete first aid kit and have it available at all times.

Clean-up attire should consist of light-colored clothing and long sleeves, heavy gloves, and sturdy soled footwear.  Contact the Town office for a safety vest or trash bags.

If you are interested in sponsoring a road on the Island, please contact or stop by the Town office and speak with Kelly Lewis for more information.

Kelly Lewis – (757) 336-6519 or email: